Security, 3 golden rules

Get this right and you are already streets ahead of most companies

If 2017 taught us anything already, it’s that Ransomware, hacking and security woes are just not going away. There are dozens of IT providers out there offering firewall monitoring, advanced threat analytics and inspection technology to peer deep inside your network to see exactly what is going on. However, unless you have a large budget, these tools are simply not an option….

Statistically 94% of companies who lose their data and do not have a reliable backup solution will go bust within 2 years. A frightening thought that can’t be ignored by any business leader. So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Backup – a reliable data backup policy is essential for every organisation large and small, multiple backup in multiple locations is key. Unfortunately, there are now variants of ransomware that will encrypt backup files, so always ensure that these are kept off-line. Don’t forget to test the backups, you don’t want to find out that there was a problem when you next rely upon them, it’s amazing how many Companies still don’t perform this essential and basic task!

  2. Patching – Most viruses rely on compromising either the operating system directly or the software that is running on the computer / server, keeping it up to date is critical and will greatly reduce the number of attack vectors that you are exposed to. Once again security patching is something that is often ignored until its too late, patching can be a pain to the users while they wait for updates to install and IT often don’t bother patching the servers because it has to be done out of hours and intrudes on their own lives. Keep patching simple, auto-approve all Microsoft Critical and Security patches and focus on Java, Acrobat and Flash. Keep these maintained and you will be in a fantastic position.

  3. Educate – Take time to educate your users, show them some screenshots of some of what some of the common email scams look like. Explain clearly the procedures that you have in place, show them fake emails with miss-spelt domain names. Although the threats are getting more and more sophisticated, having the users on-side and looking out for problems too can be a life-saver.

Many Companies engage with Spring to either completely remove the headache of the above or sit alongside to complement the existing IT Services. For example, Most Companies know the value of critical patching and simply let us provide this service, taking away a complete headache for the IT Manager allowing him / her to focus on delivering key services and not mundane IT tasks.

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