GDPR and why you are going to get hurt

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Non-compliance is going to hurt a lot of companies, however not for the reasons that you may think.

GDPR comes in to effect in May 2018 and will replace the UK’s Data Protection Act which has been in place since 1998. The changes are substantial and will have a considerable effect on how Companies manage data relating to individuals. If you are not fully up to speed yet on GDPR take a quick read of our Service offering and also our Top 10 Questions that our Customers, ask us when engaging in GDPR.

Before we carry on talking about GDPR, lets back up a bit... It’s the year 2000 on a Sunday afternoon and you are in the local supermarket grabbing some ice cream for the BBQ you have planned that evening. Unfortunately, you slip on a wet floor and twist you knee. Noticing that there were no wet floor signs out you know that you have a good chance of getting some compensation, after all year 2000 saw the biggest rise of ‘no win, no fee’ solicitor’s promotions ever as legal aid was abolished for personal injury claims.

Back to the present and this is exactly what we are predicting for GDPR. Individuals will have the right to ask you how their data is being used and you must ensure that it’s being used for the only the agreed purposes. Individuals also have the right for their data to be removed and you will need to ensure compliance. It’s only going to take a few mistakes and the legal firms will smell blood and we are predicting that it will completely respawn the ‘no win. no fee’ industry.

So when we say make sure you are GDPR compliant, it really is time to take action.

Spring are leaders in technology and have already helped many companies deal with data compliance legislation, including GDPR. Our products and tools can quickly help you understand how much personal data you have, where it is located (Cloud or on-Premise) and work with you to ensure that rules are in place to ensure it never gets disclosed.

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