Totally Rock at Digital Transformation… (here’s how)


Information Technology is a fantastic area to work in, its’ reach spans the entire company and changes can impact on the lives of every user in the business. Gifted with this opportunity, you can make a huge difference to the company and become an IT superhero at the same time.

1. Understand the business.

Make no mistake that even the little things can make a huge difference. From reducing the number of mouse clicks required to perform a transaction to completely rewriting a business process, this is your ticket to becoming a hero. Don’t forget to keep up to date on the latest technology and regulation, every change should address a business problem and ultimately deliver good ROI back to the company. PRO-TIP: Take a look at what’s still being done on paper! You will be surprised.

2. Become an end user.

Most IT folks have the best laptops in the company and have a completely different setup from the end users. Take some time out to see how the users are working, what they are doing and what the common issues are that they face. The task here is to ensure the best possible user experience. Users become very frustrated when things don’t work as expected. Have a bunch of remote users? Take a look at Microsoft Direct Access for a seamless experience even when away from the office. Still have to connect to the VPN before you can access Outlook and Skype for Business? Bergh sort these issues out now. Quick booting devices with everything working and the users will love you.

3. Become the Customer.

The next step that will help you transform the business is to become the Customer, if you are buying goods on-line, go through the entire buying experience, not just up to putting something in your basket, go the whole hog and get it delivered! Collect data, time everything and see where improvements can be made! Don’t just look at the sales experience either, look at all the Customer support functions as well. I remember when Amazon just started out and I accidentally ordered a book from their site, I called Customer services and they quickly explained the mistake that I have made and that it was going to take up to six weeks to arrive from the US!! I told them I needed it for University and they simply ordered me a new book form the UK store and told me to donate the other book to the University library when it arrived. What great Customer Service!! I have never forgotten that.

4. Tech-Out.

You probably ended up in the job you are in now because of your inner passion of technology. Technology changes at an alarming rate and you need to stay on top! Don’t worry, you don’t actually need to get your MCSE or become the best tech in the world, you simply need to be aware of current and emerging technology. Get yourself down to the Microsoft EXPOS and see what’s in the pipeline for yourself, see the demos ask questions and if you see something that could benefit your Company get a Microsoft Partner such as Spring Technology Systems in to get the technology deployed correctly. The advantage of using a Microsoft Partner is that they have done it before, they have additional support from Microsoft and you know that at the end of the project the goals and objectives would have been met… It will take too long trying to figure it all out yourself, get the tech in, enhance your reputation and move on to the next big win!!!

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