Direct Access

Seamless Connection

Seamlessly and transparently connect to your organisations network from any location

Direct Access

  • Seamless Connection

    Providing you have an Internet connection, your laptop will automatically connect to your Organisations network, often the connection is established before you have even logged on, regardless of how you connect to the Internet (modem, Wi-Fi, tether via mobile)

  • Anywhere Connect

    All network traffic is encrypted over port 443, unlike traditional VPN solutions where user run in to port blocking, 443 is never blocked, allowing employees to connect from anywhere, anytime

  • Rich Experience

    Users connected over Direct Access enjoy feature rich experience, with very little difference to actually being in the office

  • End-To-End Access

    Direct Access communications are encrypted and authenticated across the Internet between Direct Access client computers and internal network servers. In addition, as the secure tunnel is always up and running it is easier for the organisations IT compliance to be adhered to. Security policy changes can be updated quickly and do not have to wait until the user connects to the network

  • Our Global Network Operations Centre, monitors and protects our Customers 24x7x365, ensuring that system vulnerabilities are addressed quickly
  • Monthly reporting provided as standard, demonstrating that all systems are fully compliant and secure
  • In the event of a new global threat being identified, we will quickly scan all your systems for potential compromise and deploy counter-measures
  • Provide confidence to your board and external auditors, our reporting will satisfy even the most demanding audits and is based on ISO27001


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