IT Monitoring

Don’t let downtime slow you down

Spring Protect, monitors thousands of servers and workstations globally, ensuring that systems are available non-stop for our Customers

IT Monitoring

  • Real-Time Vulnerability Assessment

    We can identify vulnerabilities and exposed areas of your network that could be used by attackers and viruses use to penetrate your network

  • Patch Management

    We ensure that systems are kept fully up to date at all times, including all third party patching, such as Java and Flash, which are often forgotten. Most Viruses can only cause harm by exploiting an unpatched system

  • Anti-Virus

    Protect your enterprise, with continuous round the clock virus and malware protection. We offer complete rootkit detection / deletion as well as a two-way firewall and content filtering of high risk sites

  • Backup & Recovery

    In addition to monitoring your backup jobs, we also verify the data integrity and perform restoration checks. In the unlikely event that disaster strikes, you can be confident that your data is safe

  • Network Performance & Stability

    Our probes not only attach to your Servers and Workstations, but also the switches, routers, printers, storage devices and anything else that is connected to the network. Core network stability is critical, monitoring the network at this level is critical.

  • System Warranty

    We can alert you months in advance of when a Workstation, Server or network device is about to have a warranty lapse on it

  • Server Health

    Spring will monitor all of your servers, looking at hundreds of key services and metrics to ensure that your systems remain up at all times

  • Workstation Health

    We  monitor all of your workstations and laptops, ensuring the health of your system at all times

  • Mobile Device Management

    Our tools can be installed on to Company Smartphones and tablets, allowing you to track them in real-time and protect your Company data. In the event of a phone being lost or stolen, you can remotely kill the device.    We monitor all Company mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to build up a set of governance rules around them, for example (no apps can be installed, or the camera must be disabled) If you need to remotely wipe and track the devices in real-time.

  • Reporting

    Monthly and reporting on-demand is provided as standard. Our reports will  not only provide you with confidence about your infrastructure and systems but will also support you in your governance and can be used to support ISO27001 – Information Security


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  • Our Global Network Operations Centre, monitors our Customers 24x7x365, ensuring that your systems remain up and running at all times
  • Monthly reporting provided as standard, demonstrating that all systems are fully compliant and secure
  • In the event of a an incident taking place, our team of specialist will take corrective action to get you up and running as quickly as possible
  • Provide confidence to your board and external auditors, our reporting will satisfy even the most demanding audits and is based on ISO27001


We are trusted by the top FTSE 250 companies in the UK


Our reports are designed to satisfy ISO27001 and other international standards


Our Global NOC will delect and resolve incidents quickly