Patch Management

Reducing the attack surface within your Organisation

We maintain thousands of systems globally, ensuring that systems are fully patched at all times, with zero impact on end users and services

Patch Management

  • Automation

    Spring create fully customised playbooks that are tailored to your organisation, we perform system patching out of hours to ensure there is no impact on your business

  • Cluster Aware

    We understand clustered systems and will ensure that systems remain fully patched within this environment, taking care of the fail-over / fail-back process

  • Third Party Support

    Deploy patches for multiple third-party application families, including Adobe products, Java, and multiple browsers and tools.

  • Workstations

    End user systems can be patched from any location, even when on the road, greatly reducing the window of attack

  • Resourcing & Governance

    Free up internal resources from routing patching while ensuring that this critical function performed by a segregated, external support function that is used to maintaining systems within the defence and aerospace industry

  • Critical Patching

    We test and release critical security patches within hours of their release, allowing us to rapidly deploy them within your environment. In the event of a global threat taking place we will quickly scan your organisation and ensure that you are not exposed

  • Reporting

    Monthly and reporting on-demand is provided as standard. Our reports will not only provide you with confidence about your critical patching but will also support you in your governance and can be used to support ISO27001 – Information Security


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  • Our Global Network Operations Centre, monitors and protects our Customers 24x7x365, ensuring that system vulnerabilities are addressed quickly
  • Monthly reporting provided as standard, demonstrating that all systems are fully compliant and secure
  • In the event of a new global threat being identified, we will quickly scan all your systems for potential compromise and deploy counter-measures
  • Provide confidence to your board and external auditors, our reporting will satisfy even the most demanding audits and is based on ISO27001


We are trusted by the top FTSE 250 companies in the UK


Our reports are designed to satisfy ISO27001 and other international standards


Our Global NOC will patch systems as soon as a new global threat emerges