Server Virtualisation

Enhance service, reduce cost

We have Virtualised thousands of Physical Servers, significantly reducing the cost of running on-premises systems for our Customers

Server Virtualisation

  • Disaster Recovery

    Once Virtualisation has been achieved within a Company the next step is addressing Business Continuity, this is often achieved by replicating Virtual Servers in to Spring’s Cloud. In the event of a disaster taking place at the primary location, the Cloud hosted Servers will simply be powered on with zero data loss to the Customer. The entire seamless process is managed by Spring

  • Application Isolation

    Virtualisation allows you to create a new server for every Company application or Service removing the bad habit of having a single Physical Server that is running too many roles, which is often unsupported. By deploying Application Isolation, the next time your print server fails, it won’t take done the CRM system with it

  • Fast Server Provisioning

    Need to deploy a new server, gone are the days of having to wait for a physical server to be delivered, physically racked and the operating system installed. A Virtual Server can be up and running within minutes

  • Energy Reduction

    By Virtualising your server infrastructure, you will reduce the number of physical servers within your environment. Two instant savings from doing this are the reduction in energy spend and removing the number of hardware warranties that are in place. Server Virtualisation often pays for itself within the first 12 months


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  • Our expert technical team can Virtualise your servers out of hours, ensuring that there is zero impact to your end users
  • We can provide a pre-assessment, demonstrating when the pay-back of server virtualisation will take place within your Company. We typically expect to see this within 12-18 months
  • Spring have virtualised thousands of servers and operate a number of bespoke tools a scripts to simplify the process. As a trusted Microsoft partner, why choose anyone else
  • Provide confidence to your board and external auditors, our reporting will satisfy even the most demanding audits and is based on ISO27001


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