GDPR – Tools to get you compliant


GDPR – Tools to get you compliant In our last article we discussed where you should begin, this time we are going to talk about some of the tools you can use to help you get you compliant and become a GDPR hero within your business. If you recall from our previous article, there are four key phases to ensuring … Read More

GDPR – What personal data am I looking for?

Getting to grip with data

Identify what personal data you have and where it resides. In-Scope: (any data that help you identify a person) Name Email address Social media posts Physical, physiological, or genetic information Medical information Location Bank details IP address Cookies Cultrual identity Inventory: (identifying where personal data is collected and stored) Emails Documents Databases Removable media Metadata Log files Backups   Please … Read More

Getting started with GDPR

Digital City

Getting started with GDPR… It seems we can’t even go a week without a new security vulnerability hitting the news, or a Company being hacked and losing personal data. This problem has gone on for years and Companies have been allowed to hoover up personal data unchallenged. Come May 2018 it’s all change. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes … Read More

Totally Rock at Digital Transformation… (here’s how)


Information Technology is a fantastic area to work in, its’ reach spans the entire company and changes can impact on the lives of every user in the business. Gifted with this opportunity, you can make a huge difference to the company and become an IT superhero at the same time. 1. Understand the business. Make no mistake that even the … Read More

Security, 3 golden rules

Get this right and you are already streets ahead of most companies If 2017 taught us anything already, it’s that Ransomware, hacking and security woes are just not going away. There are dozens of IT providers out there offering firewall monitoring, advanced threat analytics and inspection technology to peer deep inside your network to see exactly what is going on. … Read More