GDPR – Tools to get you compliant


GDPR – Tools to get you compliant In our last article we discussed where you should begin, this time we are going to talk about some of the tools you can use to help you get you compliant and become a GDPR hero within your business. If you recall from our previous article, there are four key phases to ensuring … Read More

Totally Rock at Digital Transformation… (here’s how)


Information Technology is a fantastic area to work in, its’ reach spans the entire company and changes can impact on the lives of every user in the business. Gifted with this opportunity, you can make a huge difference to the company and become an IT superhero at the same time. 1. Understand the business. Make no mistake that even the … Read More

Business Anywhere

remote access

Direct Access is the latest offering from Microsoft with regards to remote working and is a very simple technology that allows remote users to securely access the internal network file shares, web sites and applications without the need to connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Once Direct Access has been configured and setup, remote users only have to turn … Read More

Skype for Business


Microsoft’s Skype for Business is becoming the de facto standard for voice communication and collaboration within the marketplace and now more recently Skype for Business is available as a cloud service with full enterprise voice capability. Now really is the time to kiss that old unreliable PBX with expensive ISDN lines away! Skype for Business is gaining more and more … Read More

Busting the myths: Three misconceptions deterring cloud adoption amongst UK SMEs


Cloud Technology has fundamentally changed the way people and companies do business, offering instant subscription based services that leverage the latest bleeding edge technology for all to consume that can be flexed up or down on a monthly basis, without the need for complex technical changes and expensive IT staff. Despite these advantages, some firms remain hesitant to integrate to … Read More

Windows 10

IT Provisioning Small

Windows 10 has officially launched today in over 190 countries and has already been tipped as the replacement operating system for business users who are still running windows 7. Windows 10 boasts a number of features that makes this operating system a must have and who better to help you deploy, manage and protect than Spring! As trusted partners of … Read More